So This Is Love

Hello and welcome!

My name is Courtney, and my love for shopping began as early as my love for Cinderella. I’ve been a “fashionista” before the word existed, and always had great style (if you don’t count 5-7th grade, Finals weeks during College, and when I have the Flu).

I’ve been basically the same size since high school, so I have a plethora of clothes. I shop routinely, competed in pageants, do theatre, and have a hard time parting with clothing; I’m sure you can imagine the amount of items I own and “might need” someday! Also, I’ve had an extensive shoe collection since before I could even walk. It’s no surprise that I love Cinderella (and Dorothy). You’ll soon discover shoes are undoubtedly my favorite collection.

My desire to dress well (and cost effectively) and subsequently blog about it began during grad school, but I assure you that I have always sought bargains -even when I wasn’t making the credit card payments! There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from finding the piece you love at an unbelievable price. Justifying purchases is a great skill of mine. Communicating is another; I decided to combine the two, and share my finds with you! Everyone deserves to look and feel like a princess…even if they are on a peasant’s budget-like me!

Everyone’s style is different. I can’t categorize my taste with one word. Some days I am super preppy, some days I look like a flower child, and sometimes I just want to look like a rockstar. That’s the best part of fashion, it’s a form of art…and YOU are the canvas! Depending on the event, season, and your mood, you can appear however you’d like. And then do a complete 180 hours or days later! I believe if you like what you wear, you’ll wear it better. When you look good, you feel good. There’s no dress prettier or more stylish than confidence!

Happy Shopping! More importantly, happy wearing!

Remember, “though you may wear the best, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!” (did you think I’d sign off without a theatre quote?!)